Wooly Mammoth – North Shore

Every now and then this little obscure blog gets a note from bands wanting to share their music, and we love getting them!  I tend to not do reviews for them because, honestly, I don’t feel like my half-assed approach to this blog is fair to someone who puts so much love and effort into their work.

Having said all that, I feel like it’s really way more unfair for me to ignore them.   Soooo, Wooly Mammoth’s North Shore was so much fun that I felt the need to give them a few words.  From the wilds of Canada, here is how Jessiah Devine describes this album:

This album was written and recorded at my new place in Parry Sound, with the help of Paul Vroom. Over the course of a week we jammed, slapped together some arrangements and recorded a short album called North Shore. Hope you like it.

So yes Jessiah, I do like it.  This is a really fun album, and doesn’t feel flapped together at all, at least to my amateur ears.  The tracks that hit me the most are below, but generally, I loved the jangly guitar, clever lyrics, judicious use of the synth, and Jessiah Devine’s versatile voice.  For the most part, it’s an upbeat album that seems focused on love…lost, found, and remembered.

Nevada –  This was the first track to really grab my attention with a sense of urgency and momentum.  It felt like a road trip song, with its talk of leaps of faith and long journeys.  I’ve had the experience of a place in the world calling me, and the song seems to give a kind of voice to that tug.

Teddy Ruxpin – Wait…that Tedy Ruxpin?  Creepy, tell you a story Teddy Ruxpin?  Ok, I am still trying to figure out what’s happening in this song, but it feel ominous, and I’m a sucker for taking beloved childhood icons and going dark with them.  Or darker.  I mean, where else can one go with this:

We saw what you’ve done, you’re the one…Teddy Ruxpin’s on our mind

I’m in my chair right now at work with Teddy Ruxpin Google results in my browser and perplexed looks from my co-workers, so I’m going to give up analysis.  I bounced my head to the track, laughed at the reference, and enjoyed this about a dozen times, so let’s just call this a good song and leave it at that.

Teeth – Teeth is definitely my favorite.  This is a really bittersweet track, and lord do I love my bittersweet tracks.  I think he’s singing about that wonderful, blundering, balls-out early love we all luxuriate in the memory of.  Regardless if you colossally fucked it up, or were crushed in an epic way, this song will touch you.

At any rate, check them out here, and give them a little financial love:


or if you’re feeling stingy you can find them on Spotify.