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Porkchop – Contributing Writer

Porkchop was born in late 1979 in the East Bay suburb of Hayward. Her musical journey started out rather sad and embarrassing. She attended her first concert at ten years old. It was the New Kids on the Block. There was still hope for her though because when she hit junior high that whole grunge movement was happening and it opened her up to a whole new world. By the time she was a freshman in high school she had discovered Pavement, The Ramones, and PJ Harvey. It only got better from there. In the summer of 1994 she dropped acid and heard the Pixies for the first time. It was love at first listen.

She has always been surrounded by people with impeccable taste who are much cooler than she is. She has tried very hard to absorb the coolness, but has typically failed. She has however ended up with a pretty good collection of music. She also tried her hand at being a radio DJ at KALX in Berkeley from 2007-2008. She is currently on hiatus because she decided to spawn. She will return to the air when she feels comfortable leaving her son with someone else, which could be a while.

Porkchop currently lives in Oakland with her husband and baby. She has no plans to go back to a normal job any time soon and has already begun to turn her infant into a music snob.