The Mountain Goats (Solo) @ Swedish American Hall, San Francisco- February 25, 2009

The Mountain Goats (Solo)
w/ Papercuts
Swedish American Hall
February 25th, 2009 @7:30


My love affair with The Mountain Goats is deep and probably somewhat pathological. So just keep that in mind. Wednesday night was the first time I had seen John Darnielle, who was solo at the Swedish American Hall above Café Du Nord in San Francisco. It was the best venue I could imagine seeing him in, and he didn’t disappoint. Darnielle is a wonderful storyteller, and he has a way of carrying me away with his amazing imagery, his dry and sometimes caustic wit. His lyrics have a certain raw honesty (picture me cringing) to them that I am truly and deeply touched by. Even if it’s all contrived and a complete lie, I don’t even care.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Papercuts were great, and the song John Brown in particularly struck something in me.

Anyway, rather than go any further than this, I’m going to direct you to a much better review than I could write:

SF Weekly