No Age @ Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco- March 1, 2009

No Age

w/ White Circle Crime Club, Infinite Body, Veil Veil Vanish

Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco, CA

March 1st, 2009

Wow and/or Holy Shit. Both superlatives here are capitalized for emphasis; to mark the special occasion. The occasion being that I was damn impressed with No Age‘s sold out gig this afternoon; an all-ages day show at a place known for its well-stocked bar and drink specials, for extra irony the wristbands said “I’m drug free” to discourage any minors that may be in attendance from enjoying themselves illegally.

For all of its screeching, sonic glory (not to mention a very special guest…) there was more energy squeezed into that tiny room than whatever physics happens on the surface of ten suns. It was crazy for the young folks’ mosh pit/impromptu stage diving in front, to us old heads towards the middle/back; we’re content to show some restraint just bobbing and thrashing about without slamming bodies.

Gotta love the kids- and the kids love the No Age. This writer loves the No Age. Last year’s album/song/band of the year, they took my shit by absolute storm in June and I haven’t gone more than three days without listening to something by them. Those EPs were hard to find, lemme tell ya…

After last Tuesday’s ear-splitting show from Deerhunter, ear plugs now seem like a great idea.


Every Artist Needs A Tragedy

Teen Creeps

Here Should Be My Home


My Life’s Alright Without You

Ripped Knees

NEW Song (I think he said “Soiled Mattress”)

Sleeper Hold


New Song (Again, I think it was something like “New Jew Crew Cut”)

Brain Burner

Boy Void


New Day Rising*

ENCORE: Everybody’s Down

* – with special guest, Bob Mould! (yeah, that Bob Mould; of Husker Du and Sugar fame…)

Some highlights would include Randy Randall being an absolute madman on the gee-tar, I don’t know how that dude doesn’t have a broken neck from his head banging, it looked like it was gonna pop off. And Dean Spunt‘s drumming was perfect; sloppy when it needed to be, and tight as hell the next instance- a perfect interplay between polished and punk. The setlist had no weak holes- every song played was what should’ve been played. None of that “oh, man they didn’t do blah blah blah“, because this was a fucking rock concert- I wanted to see high energy rock and my face got melted. Also, the absolute joy in Randy‘s announcement that they just got to play with Bob Mould– “a dream come true” (I think he said) which is rad, to be able to play with one of your idols, a passing the torch if you will. Our generation does a lot of trashing on the old guys; it was sure nice to see the young guys in awe. Dean and Randy‘s smiles (as well as Bob‘s) were fucking epic. It’s uplifting to see that kind of joy. Music fucking rules.

PICTURES? Sure, you want ’em, you got ’em: