Dirty Projectors – Swing Low Magellan Jul13


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Dirty Projectors – Swing Low Magellan

Dirty Projectors Swing Low Magellan (July 10, 2012 Domino Records)

Right out the gate, I’m loving this new release from Dirty Projectors.  “Offspring are blank” sways from a drippy beat clap underneath the telltale harmonies I love so much, to a noisy guitar, and then back.  Then “About to Die” with its crazy warped off-beat drumming, sounding like a record being slowed, then suddenly breaking into sweet melodies.  The rest of the album swings around the musical spectrum, hitting soft acoustic notes, smoky jazz moments, and back to noisy electric guitar.  I guess that’s how I’d characterize this one…it’s a group of somewhat diverse sounds that work really well together.

After Mount Wittenberg Orca with Bjork, I wasn’t sure where these guys could go that would continue to make me happy, but they managed to do it.  Love it!  And they’re coming to the Fox Theater on 7/27/12!