Playing this week – June 18th

Oh No – Ohnomitte, Tomas Barfod – Salton Sea, Jherek Bischoff – Composed, The Future of the Left – the plot against common sense, Smoke Faries – Blood Speaks, Metric – Synthetica

1.  Tomas Barfod – Salton Sea

This is a beautiful little electronic album with the tracks running across an electronic spectrum, flowing from a soft, playful hum (Till We Die) to discordant electronic voices (Broken Glass).  The track, “Only Human” feels anything but that most of the time, with its relentless beat and electronic hum, auto-tuned voices humming in the background, but it was really beautiful.  Might just be me, though, but this whole album felt a little dark and sad.

Tracks I loved:

Broken Glass, Till We Die, November Skies, Only Human





2.  Jherek Bischoff – Composed

Composed is a wonderful album filled with gorgeous scores sung by unlikely artists, most of whom I totally adore.  David Byrne, Mirah, Nels Cline, and Carla Bozulich are particular treats.  Think of it as a score to a strange musical that never was produced, maybe a secret whim of someone like David Lynch that never materialized.  It’s whimsical, dark, and dramatic, and like any great score it had a life and narrative equal to the work it might be paired with.  Loved it!

Tracks to check out:

All of them, really.





3. The Future of the Left – the plot against common sense

The future of the left, apparently, is filled with the angry voice of Andy Falkous over that frenetic electric noisy post-punk background we’ve come to love.  I fell in love with them and listened to Curses over and over again, but for some reason forgot about them.  Probably because when I listen to them I grit my teeth like I’m in the middle of a week-long speed binge and I’m just too old for that.  I have to say, compared with Curses this feels like a more nuanced album, though, with a lot more synthy influences, and even a few tracks (i.e. city of exploded children, where things slow down.  Good for getting the blood running at work!


Tracks I loved:

sheena is a t-shirt salesman, i am the least of your problems, tell the truth about the brace position



4.  Oh No – Ohnomitte

I cannot stop listening to this album.  This is a frigging hip-hop masterpiece, and when I found out that Oh No is actually Michael Jackson, younger brother of Otis Jackson (that’s right Madlib), it made perfect sense.  Apparently these motherfuckers can’t do anything wrong.  This is filled with great collaborations, funky, 70’s infused, synthy tracks that made me slightly grove in my seat all week.  My favorite this week by far.


Tracks I loved:

Real Serious, 3 Dollars,




5.  Smoke Faries – Blood Speaks

Two ladies singing.  Nice.  Kinda meh.


Tracks I loved:

Version of the Future




6.  Metric – Synthetica

“I shut up and carry on, the scream becomes a yawn.”  I love this line.  I LOVED Synthetica.  Clever, clever songwriting, LOVE Emily Haines voice.  Poppy without being trite or superficial.  Just as scattered as her lyrics can be, the music is tight and rhythmic, playful and filled with colorful melodies.  Fun!

Tracks I loved:

Artificial Nocturne, Speed the Collapse, Dreams So Real, Lost Kitten