Satch Plays Fats

Hmm… quite a story for how this album ended up in my collection. This record, among many others were acquired with a price. Funny thing is that they were advertised as free. It all started when my older brother explained to me that his boss had a huge record collection that he “wanted to get rid of.” Unfortunately, he neglected to tell me was that his boss lived in La Honda (an hour southwest of San Francisco in the middle of the F#*@ing trees). He also neglected to tell me that he had a lunatic wife and a lunatic dog.

After my brother’s boss busted out the 3 boxes of LPs despite the promised “8 or so,” we looked through them. The original deal was that we could take them for free but we had to take all of them as opposed to some. Fair enough. It was then that the boss’s wife proceeded to explain that she wanted us to make her a digital copy of each of the records. Hmm, yeah, I dunno. Not sure if she really knew what that would entail. She seemed fine with the prospect of not having all the records digitized as long as we did some of them and as long as we let her talk about her Ph.D, her chickens, and her dream house that she and her husband lived in. In freakin’ La Honda. So, my brother and I hung around and talked with his boss’ wife for quite some time and played with their boxer Suzie who was getting increasingly more excited with each passing minute. By the end of the afternoon, she was literally leaping on top of my face. We decided it was time to go when their neighbor Larry, who proudly rocks a Confederate flag over his house and a set of yellow teeth in his mouth, showed up with a bottle of wine.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I had a great time, and quite a laugh. However, the combination of a vastly overexaggerated collection of records, a dog that had clearly done a pound of blow before we got there, and a host who was enthusiastically talking about her chicken coop for 30 minutes was definitely and interesting one to say the least.

In the end, I scored a big chunk of great records including this one:


Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars play all Fats Waller songs. Here are two of them:

I’VE GOT A FEELING I’M FALLING – Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars

ALL THAT MEAT AND NO POTATOES – Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars

It really was a good experience for me. I mean, as a parting gift, we were given pumpkin butter, tangerine marmalade, and a dozen fertilized eggs… I’m tellin’ you, all you gotta do is travel 30 or 40 minutes outside San Francisco in any direction and you meet the strangest people.

Here’s a bonus Fat’s Waller video of him playing “Joint Is Jumping”