Parliament Ain’t Just A Legislative Body

pfunk1Parliament/Funkadelicpfunk2 is the biggest crew of funky dudes that has ever been. I’m posting three tracks this time. It’s actually pretty crucial for me to warn anyone of the male persuasion that reads this post of something REALLY important: There are some horn sections in the songs that you’re about to hear that are intensely funky. If you are gettin’ down with a lady-friend during said sections, things could get nasty… It’s a bit TOO funky. You, and most likely your lady as well, may not be able to control yourselves. I cannot be held responsible for what happens…

That being said, here are a few tunes for you:

RIDE ON – Chocolate City (1975)

DR. FUNKENSTEIN – The Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein (1976)

BOP GUN (ENDANGERED SPECIES) – Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome (1977)

If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense that this is direction a lot of the doo-wop and Motown musicians went in the ’70s. They played the same grooves with more synthesizers and for longer; FUNK. And you know, truthfully, Parliament is the only band in my book that can get away with the fade-out, fade back in routine. On any other occasion, I might have a problem with a trick ending, but these dudes just wanna make it clear that the groove really DOES go on forever, despite a fade-out. I am okay with that.

Though I’m sure nothing could top having seen Parliament play live in ’76, George Clinton is still around and still playing all your favorite jams today. I went to see him for New Year’s Eve at the Warfield this year with my dear friend Annierose and it might have been the best decision of my life. Yeah, it was expensive (80 smackeroos) but well worth it. My suggestion to you is that you do not pass up on a chance to see Parliament play live. Also, with the amount of acid and crack that George Clinton has done in his time, there’s no telling when he’s gonna just keel over… Funky Funky.