Ahh… The Name Is Bootsy, Baby!


You know, sometimes I wonder if these dudes just conceptualized “funk” prenatally. Few things have made more sense to me than the connection between the idea of “funk” and the records created by all the Parliament & Funkadelic dudes. I have no doubt in my mind that they were born with extensive knowledge about what is funky, what’s not funky, where the funk is at, why funk, and how to do funky…

Bootsy Collins. This fool lives up to his funky-ass name. Aside from being one of the few musicians solid enough to play with James Brown and not get kicked out of the band for playing a single wrong note, Bootsy is currently a living legend in the world of funk. Along with George Clinton, Bootsy has created some of the funkiest music fathomable. Not sure if any human has a greater capacity for funk than these two. I mean, Bootsy is famous for playing his signature Space Bass.

The two songs here are by Bootsy’s Rubber Band. The first is off of their debut album called Stretchin’ Out In Bootsy’s Rubber Band (1976). The song following is from their equally funky second record called Ahh… The Name Is Bootsy, Baby! (1977). If you walk by these albums at your favorite record store, they’ll catch your eye. Pick ’em up. If you find them on CD or record, I doubt either of them will be more than 10 or 11 bucks. Worth every penny.

Rubber Duckie – Bootsy’s Rubber Band

Psychoticbumpschool – Bootsy’s Rubber Band