A Taste Of Puerto Rico…

Sorry ya’ll it’s been some time since the last time I posted anything.  My bad.  It’s been some crazy few weeks…

Anyway, back to business.  This is a record I picked up in Brooklyn when I was visiting some buddies of mine a couple weeks ago.  It’s this amazing Puerto Rican group called Pepito Torres y Su Orquesta Siboney.  Super old school latin music makes me A) wish my Spanish was more advanced than merely “tengo hambre” and B) wish I knew how to get my salsa dance on without lookin’ like a goofy white boy.  I believe that both of these issues can and will be rectified at some point in my life.  Not sure when though.


Both of these songs are off of the album called En El Fiesta Room.  And for those who aren’t whiz’s like me, that means At The Fiesta Room.  Listen to the horns especially.  They’re my favorite.  Since I couldn’t find an image of the cover, here’s a few of many options that google provided me with to represent the prompt “At the fiesta room.”

http://wweadam.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/winer-fiesta.png?w=486&h=346&h=346 http://www.elpenasco.com/images/FiestaRoom.jpg https://mymotels.com/propertyimages/276635/domina_inn_fiesta_bathroom_budapest_hungary.jpg

Here are your jammers.  Enjoy:

Pepito Torres y Su Orquesta Siboney – El Zapato Y El Cordon

Pepito Torres y Su Orquesta Siboney – La Salve Del Loco