Spraynard – Self-Titled Demo


Spraynard – Self-Titled Demo (Self Released; Winter 2008)

Every once in a while I “find” a band that I love and instantly have the urge to search for hours for the rest of their releases, b-sides, etc., just to make sure it’s just not that CD, but rarely will that happen with a 6 song tape handed to me at a show by a band named Spraynard, a 3 piece from the West Chester area.

I got this tape the day after Christmas and I consider it one of the best Christmas presents I received this year, next to my Dwight Bobblehead, of course!

Any song named after one of the best SNL skits since the Will Ferrell-era has a lot to live up to; and Are You Ladies Familiar With The Works of Zach and Cody? starts out with a bang, setting a pace to expect for the rest of the tape. The next track Timmy Gave Me a G is a dancy little minute-and-a-half song about being at a show where you don’t like the people and thinking you’re “surrounded by assholes tonight”.

Don’t Throw Me Down, Clark is next, this song is about the relationship between a boy and his mother, and her use of force to make her son pray before bed; making the boy question the actual existence of a higher being. The bridge of this song is the best part, Mark plays a chord progression like a bass line as Pat yells in the back ground “Please mother, lay your hand down / and I promise when I’m older, I will make you proud…”

Although none of the tracks on this tape are bad, Punch And Pie lacks in comparison to the other songs. The lyrics tell a story about a soldier who just can’t handle his time in combat and is depressed and ashamed of what he has experienced.

The other day I was asking Mark, the bassist in Spraynard, what songs would make the full length and the only one on the demo making the cut is the next song, Ruth Buzzi Better Watch Her Back. This is a great choice on their part, the lyrics tell the best story out of all the other songs. Pat tells of a family who comes to the United States for a new lease on life, and tries to overcome the struggle of starting over and the fast paced American life and “…their ever changing style”. These lyrics, combined with the excellent instrumentation, led to this being the best song on the demo.

Sadly, the tape comes to an end with Mary Swanson; no joke- I laughed for a good ten minutes just thinking back at the limo scene in Dumb and Dumber when I saw the name of this song. Back to the song- there is nothing wrong with this track, it just doesn’t stand out to me!

All in all, this 6 song demo from a band in its infancy is far better then some full-lengths I have heard from bands who have been together for 3 or 4 years. The highlight of the tape is by far the lyrics; Pat‘s ability to write stories from the perspective of so many different people makes it a fun game to try and figure out what the next song is going to be about. On a scale one to five, I give this a 4.7, with Punch and Pie being the only downfall.

Spraynard likes to keep it nineties and has a website where you can check out new things happening with them, new shows, and also download these 6 songs FREE!!


Fun Little Facts about the band…

Spraynard is Dos, Mark and Pat. Dos plays drums. Mark plays bass. Pat plays guitar. We are all known to sing… except Mark.

-The studio they recorded in is in their basement and is run by Arik, the owner of Creep Records. At one time bands such as The Bouncing Souls, The Casualties and Kill Your Idols recorded in this studio.

For More Fun Facts read the Bio on their Website.